About me


I'm Kimberly Ramos, the chick behind My Doula Oblongata. I'm originally from Houston, but grew up for the most part in Dallas, Texas. I spent some time at the Naval Academy and then settled at the University of Houston and finished my degree in Physics (yes.... I am a huge nerd). After graduation, I started working for a seismic processing and multiclient sales company. In 2011, I married my long-time best friend! After some personal tragedies, we decided that life was too short to wait for ANYTHING, so we decided to start a family. We've now settled in Spring Branch (about a mile from IKEA... dangerous!) and have a precious, incredibly smart, incredibly precocious little girl.


During my pregnancy, I read everything I could get my hands on. I decided that a natural, unmedicated birth was the way I'd ideally like to go, and researched all that I could. I decided to hire a doula! It turned out to be the best thing I think I could have done, as she answered any questions I had that I wasn't able or forgot to ask my provider (and I mean anything... doulas like the weird questions, and nothing is ever too weird!). She was present for me during my birth, and provided a lot of calm and muscle, which is what I needed at the time.


Throughout the following year, I continued to read, feeling like doula work might be my passion. Through a series of life events, I decided to pursue this calling! I also had the privilege of apprenticing with Cole Deelah, a very experienced local doula, and who acted as doula for my birth! Apprenticeship was a very rewarding experience, and I look forward to bringing what I learned from her to your birth! I've since certified with CAPPA, and I'm listed as a B!RTHF!T professional. I really identify with their whole operation, so if you have any questions, I'd be happy to discuss it with you, as well as referring you to any of the local Regional Directors, coaches, and other professionals!


I am very much looking forward to helping YOU with your journey into parenthood, whatever direction it may take you!